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Title: التلوث الثقافي وعلاقته بالمناخ الأسري لدى عينة من طلبة الجامعة
Authors: عفراء إبراهيم خليل إسماعيل العبيدي
Issue Date: 2013
Abstract: The study aimed to identify: cultural lilut when university students , Family climate at the university students , Significant difference in the cultural variable pollution and climate variable family when university students in accordance with (sex and area of study), The nature of the correlation between domestic climate and cultural pollution when university students. The study found: The university students have a high level of pollution, cultural and climate household in which they live is only as study results showed that the level of pollution cultural males higher budget females, while it did not show differences between males and females in a climate of family, also showed the results of the study no differences between students with scientific and academic competence in the cultural pollution of humanitarian and family climate, as well as a correlation between the two variables.
Description: جامعة بغداد، العراق
ISSN: 2253-0347
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