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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
25-Nov-2014Fuzzy-based Reactive Controllers for a Simple Goal Seeking and Obstacle Avoidance by a Mobile Robot in unknown EnvironmentLakhmissi Cherroun; Mohamed Boumehraz
28-Nov-2014Hybrid Approach Based on ANFIS Models for Intelligent Fault Diagnosis in Industrial ActuatorLakhmissi Cherroun; Nadji Hadroug; Mohamed Boumehraz
25-Nov-2014Intelligent Fault Diagnosis in Industrial Actuator based on Neuro-Fuzzy ApproachLakhmissi Cherroun; Nadji Hadroug; Mohamed Boumehraz
25-Nov-2014Intelligent Systems based on Reinforcement Learning and Fuzzy Logic Approaches, "Application to Mobile Robotic"Lakhmissi Cherroun; Mohamed Boumehraz
25-Nov-2014Neuro-Fuzzy Controller For The Path Following Behavior And Moving Target Pursing By A Mobile RobotLakhmissi Cherroun; Mohamed Boumehraz; Raihane Mechgoug
25-Nov-2014Non-linear systems control via fuzzy models: a multicontroller approachMohamed Boumehraz; Khier Benmahammed
25-Nov-2014Nonlinear Systems Stabilisation using Fuzzy Models and Switching ControlMohamed Boumehraz; Khier Benmahammed
17-Mar-2016Path following behavior for neuro -fu zzy controller Lakhmissi Cherroun . Mohamed Boumehraz an autonomous mobile robot using neuro -fu zzy controllerLakhmissi Cherroun; Mohamed Boumehraz
25-Nov-2014Soft Computing Techniques for the Path Following Behavior and Moving Target Pursing by a Mobile RobotLakhmissi Cherroun; Mohamed Boumehraz; Raihane Mechgoug
25-Nov-2014Tuning Fuzzy Inference Systems by Q-LearningMohamed Boumehraz; Khier Benmahammed
25-Nov-2014T–S Fuzzy Discrete Systems Stabilization using Switching PDC ControllerMohamed Boumehraz; Khier Benmahamed
25-Nov-2014Uncertain Takagi–Sugeno Fuzzy Systems Stabilization via Switching ControlMohamed Boumehraz; Khier Benmahamed
25-Nov-2014Using Q-Learning and Fuzzy Q-Learning Algorithms for Mobile Robot Navigation in Unknown EnvironmentLakhmissi Cherroun; Mohamed Boumehraz