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Title: المقاربة النظرية لإحدى سمات الشخصية المناعية : الصلابة النفسية.
Authors: محمد بلوم
مريامة حنصالي
Issue Date: 2013
Abstract: Since the advent of the humanistic trend, psychology took another orientation in research, through which it focused on the human being, describing him as a continuous developmental process distinguished by humanitarian values and virtues stemming from his good nature . As to the concept of psychological hardiness it embodies in it's essence the meanings of these values and virtues. Psychological hardiness is one of the personality traits that contribute to maintaining mental and physical health, as it works on modulating the body's immune stress response, thus representing an intermediary factor between stress and health.The aim of this paper is to shed light on the theoretical approaches that dealt with psychological hardiness, in order, to highlight the points of intersection in common with these approaches and trends, and to provide an integrative view that clarifies an important feature among features of the immune personality.
ISSN: 2253-0347
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