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Title: بعض مهارات الذكاء الوجداني وعلاقتها بتقدير الذات لدى المتوفقين في رياضة الكونغ فووشو بولاية بسكرة
Authors: أحمد لزنك
Issue Date: 2013
Abstract: This study aimed at exploring the levels of emotional intelligence and self esteem. The research problem was represented in the following main question: what is the relationship between emotional intelligence and self esteem for a Kung Fu Wushu sport practitioner?. Three hypotheses were to answer the questions of the research. The study sample consisted of seventy four (74) elite athletes, and a combination of scales was used, including an emotional intelligence and a self esteem scale. The researcher also used the following statistical methods: means and Pearson Correlation Coefficient. The results revealed a high mean of emotional intelligence at 2.89 and also a high mean of self esteem estimated at 2.86. The results also revealed that emotional intelligence was positively correlated to self esteem, with a correlation coefficient of 0.626, and a statistically significant level of 0.01.
ISSN: 2253-0347
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